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If you follow me on Instagram you know that I love to read and I frequently post what I’m #currently reading.  It’s a great way of remembering what you’ve read and sharing that with others.  Because of this I get asked for book recommendations quite a bit so I’ve decided to review them monthly here on my blog.

Here’s the latest round up:

book review


Beautiful Ruins – A lot of people love this book, but for me I just didn’t take to it.  Normally I love a flashback/present day novel, but for some reason the pacing and plot just didn’t do it for me.  But a lot of people really love the love story.

The Fault In Our Stars – I finally succumbed and read this book.  Part of the reason I put it off for so long was because I knew that it was going to be a tearjerker.  And yes, I cried and I cried some more.  Now that I’m a parent EVERYTHING makes me emotional and I felt more for the parents in this book than the actual lovers.  The writing really was good and it’s a super quick read.

Hands Free Mamma, Five Love Languages of Kids, Playful Parenting – All 3 very good and helpful.  There’s bits and pieces from each one that I find really useful and I suggest them all!

We Were Liars – Everyone knows I love a good YA novel and this didn’t disappoint.  A good beach read with a twist.

Half Bad – Another YA novel, but compelling just the same.  If you liked A Discovery of Witches this is for you.

The Circle – I really wanted to like this book.  I thought for some reason there was more action/espionage in it.  The idea of the book is great, but I just thought the lack of character development made the novel fall flat.  By the end of it I really loathed the main character.



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