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Photo Tip Tuesday – Get Shooting

Are you in a photography rut?  Do you have an awesome new camera that you really want to use, but find yourself bypassing it day after day?  Well I have the post for you!  This week’s tip is all about finding ways to encourage creative photography and forcing you to pick up the camera and shoot.

1.  Joining a Project 365/Project 52 group – This is not for the faint of heart and it can be really challenging at times, but I know so many photographers who swear that this really helped them define their style.  I have attempted this with my slr, but it’s just too hard for me to do it daily and I would forget even week to week.  However, I recently downloaded an app called Collect on my iphone and I love it.  It takes the pressure off using your slr which makes it a lot easier to grab photos AND it reminds you every day to take your photo.  I think it’s a great way to capture all your memories from the month and you’ll be amazed at what all you do!  It’s a free app and you can upgrade it for larger file saving (which I do) and collages.



**Click here for a great tutorial on iphone photography**

2.  Try a photo challenge – These are great and can be found by the month, by the season or just expanding your comfort zone.  I love the ones for the fall and now that fall is just around the corner it’s a great time to try one.  Here’s the one I found that I’m excited to try next month.



3.  A Day in the Life – I have yet to do one of these, but I have seen some great ones here and here.  It’s a great way to practice manual settings and low light shooting while recording what takes place on just a simple day in your home.  You’ll be so glad you captured these memories when your kids are in college.


4.  Try a photo walk – These are a great way to have a moment to yourself and explore your surroundings.  There are some great areas around here that make for very picturesque settings.  Some suggestions I have are downtown Raleigh/Durham, UNC’s campus, historic Hillsborough, and Duke Gardens.  Below are few that I shot when “freelensing” at the Raulston Arboretum.  Try a walk during each season at the same place for a fun year long project.





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