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Around Here – Canning

One of my favorite parts about summer is feasting on all the wonderful fresh produce.  Peaches, tomatoes, corn I love it all.  So that’s why this summer I was determined to learn how to can.  Lucky for me Better Homes and Garden made this really simple.  I picked up a copy of their yearly how-to canning magazine at my local grocer and seriously it covers everything you need to know as well as some great recipes.



Water bath canning is a lot easier than I thought and is really fun.  I find it very relaxing.  Basically I prep my foods that I’m canning and then after washing the jars, lids and bands I boil my jars.  This helps raise the water temp so that after I’ve disinfected them I can basically keep the water at a boil while filling.  The one really important tip I’ve learned is NOT to boil the lids when sanitizing.  It will cause the lid to pop basically and thus prevent a good seal.

The great thing about water bath canning is that it’s a lot cheaper than using a pressurized canner.  I got my canner and accessories for under $30 from Walmart.  The jars are what I really wound up spending the most money on, but you are able to reuse them so hopefully next year it won’t be as bad.



I’ve had a great time canning and really enjoyed the process and the outcome.  My favorites have been the salsas that I’ve made.  I highly recommend giving it a try if you’re interested!  Here’s a direct link to Better Homes and Gardens canning specific site.

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